Study information

  Study information


Basic Information and Curriculum

The school provides general secondary education with the maturita exit exam.

The curriculum includes three foreign languages: English, German and French. 

The school provides general secondary education in 4-year and 8-year courses, with courses in the humanities, technical and natural sciences, and foreign language. There is a wide range of optional language seminars and extracurricular activities.

Current programs of study:
General 4-year full-time study (code and name: 79–41-K/41 Gymnázium), for elementary school graduates 
General 8-year full-time study (code and name: 79–41-K/81 Gymnázium), for primary school graduates 



- two well-equipped multimedia computer classrooms /Internet, digital projectors, acoustics/

- WIFI networks for teachers and students

- Biology, Physics and Chemistry laboratories

- Classrooms for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, and Music, and an Art classroom with a ceramics oven;

- two specialized language classrooms

- classrooms with digital projectors and PC

- assembly hall, equipped for multimedia presentations

- gym with gymnastics facilities, outdoor field with an artificial surface, and fitness centre

- school dining room


Extracurricular Activities


- sports club SKG

- student club

- softball team SKG

- computer club 

- cooperation with Radost day care centre in Třinec

- tourist course

- skiing course

- class trip to Croatia

- teambuilding course for incoming students